Year-Round Driving Range in Coldwater, MI

There’s no such thing as too much range time! Whether you’re getting the feel for a new set of irons or working on your drive off the tee, Foundation Golf Center welcomes you to our driving range. We’re open year-round, with heated stalls, so you can practice your approach and perfect your swing even in the middle of winter in Coldwater or Quincy, MI!
Our driving practice range spans 1½ outdoor acres and features grass tees. Each hitting stall is covered and features radiant heating, so you’re comfortable even when the weather outside is frightful!

  • Membership Rates

    We offer membership to our year-round driving range, giving you an affordable way to make the most out of your time at the range. Whether you’re the kind of person who likes to hit the range every weekend or you come from a family of golfers who love a good range outing, we’ve got a membership that’s right for you. It pays for itself after a handful of visits!

    • Individual Range Membership: $400
    • Family Range Membership: $500
  • Individual Bucket Pricing

    Stopping by to hit a bucket of balls? We’ve got buckets ranging from small to jumbo, with prices that make practicing your swing affordable. Bring a few irons or break out the driver and get working on your swing one bucket of balls at a time.

    • Small Basket (appx 45 balls): $8
      Punch Card ($120.00 / 20 Buckets)
      Savings of $40.00
    • Medium Basket (appx 75 balls): $11
      Punch Card ($165.00 / 20 Buckets)
      Savings of $55.00
    • Large Basket (appx 110 balls): $13
      Punch Card ($195.00 / 20 Buckets)
      Savings of $65.00
    • Jumbo Basket (appx 225 balls): $17
      Punch Card ($255 / 20 Buckets)
      Savings of $85.00
  • Bucket Punch Cards

    Want to get maximum value from your driving range experience in Coldwater, MI? Purchase one of our punch cards at a discount and you’ll get 20 buckets to hit whenever you feel like teeing up. Just have our staff punch your card and hand over a bucket—it’s as simple as that.

Perfect Your Swing

The best way to get the feel of your clubs and command over your approach is to spend time at the driving practice range. Foundation Golf Center makes it easy to practice all year round at an affordable price, with facilities that are comfortable no matter what the weather’s like. Contact us today at 517-279-6164 for membership information, club fittings, golf lessons, and more!